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Future of the Chemical Sciences

From the journal Chemistry International


In August 2016, the Royal Society of Chemistry released a report titled Future of the Chemical Sciences which explored what the chemical sciences might look like in ten to twenty years.

RSC ran a multi-stage scenario planning process, working with a range of people from across the chemical sciences. As a result, they came up with four surprising, but plausible scenarios to help challenge our thinking. As Robert Parker, RSC Chief Executive, explains in the Foreword: “The idea was not to gaze into a crystal ball and make predictions, but to find out what some of the best minds in our community think about where the chemical sciences are going. Based on these discussions, we have developed four surprising, but plausible scenarios, which we are using to inform our strategic planning.”

The report, written by Alejandra Palermo, is in a way the beginning of a conversation. RSC encourages other organisations to use the scenarios to challenge their thinking and to share how they are preparing for an uncertain future.

To read about the process and the scenarios and to access the full text of the report, visit

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