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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter March 7, 2017

POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials

2-6October 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From the journal Chemistry International

POLYCHAR 25 follows the large number of POLYCHAR conferences that have come before, establishing a measure of excellence and a special culture of friendship and collaboration between participants. POLYCHAR 1 to 11 were held in the USA, while POLYCHAR 12 was held in Portugal, 13 in Singapore, 14 in Japan, 15 in Brazil, 16 in India, 17 in France, 18 in Germany, 19 in Nepal, 20 in Croatia, 21 in South Korea, 22 in South Africa, 23 in the USA and POLYCHAR 24 in Poland. Now, in 2017, POLYCHAR 25 is coming to Malaysia for the first time—giving an opportunity to students and young scientists from Asia, in particular from neighboring ASEAN countries, but of course also to their peers from other parts of the world.

POLYCHAR conferences offer an eminent setting for the presentation and discussion of materials, especially on materials characterization, properties, synthesis, processing, and manufacturing. POLYCHAR 25 hopes to provide participants with an exciting range of presentations in these areas, and to provide the opportunity for professors, students, and people from industry to meet and discuss them with experts in their fields. In addition, POLYCHAR is the event where the prestigious Paul J. Flory Polymer Research Prize and International Materials Research Prize are presented to distinguished researchers. The Forum also has a strong tradition of promoting students and young investigators through other prizes and awards.

The traditional “Short Course on Polymer Characterization” will be held on the first day of POLYCHAR. The Short Course serves as a tutorial for newcomers in the field of Polymer Science, as well as an update on recent developments in the analysis and characterization of polymer systems, provided by specialists in the field.

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