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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter April 30, 2018

Chemical and Biochemical Thermodynamics Reunification

From the journal Chemistry International

According to the IUBMB-IUPAC joint commission on biochemical nomenclature (JCBN), two categories of thermodynamics based on different concepts and different formalisms have been established: i) chemical thermodynamics that employs conventional thermodynamic potentials to deal with chemical reactions; ii) biochemical thermodynamics that employs Legendre-transformed thermodynamic potentials to deal with biochemical reactions based on the formalism proposed by Alberty [1].

With this recently approved project, a task group lead by Stefano Iotti will attempt to show that the two worlds of chemical and biochemical thermodynamics, which so far have been treated separately, can be reunified within the same thermodynamic framework.

For further information, contact the Task Group Chair Stefano Iotti <>


1. R. A. Alberty, A. Cornish-Bowden, R. N. Goldberg, G. G. Hammes, K. Tipton, and H. V. Westerhoff, Biophys. Chem., 155 (2011) 89-203; in Google Scholar PubMed

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