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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter April 30, 2018

Vocabulary on nominal property, examination, and related concepts for clinical laboratory sciences (IFCC-IUPAC Recommendations 2017)

From the journal Chemistry International

Gunnar Nordin, René Dybkaer, Urban Forsum, Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu and Françoise Pontet

Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2018Volume 90, Issue 4, pp. 755-808

Scientists of disciplines in clinical laboratory sciences have long worked on a common language for the efficient and safe request of investigations, reports of results, and communications of experience and scientific achievements. Widening the scope, most scientific disciplines, not only clinical laboratory sciences, rely to some extent on various examinations in addition to measurements. The ‘International vocabulary of metrology—Basic and general concepts and associated terms’ (VIM) is designed for metrology, the science of measurement. The aim of this vocabulary is to suggest definitions and explanations of concepts and a selection of terms related to nominal properties, i.e. properties that have no size.

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