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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter April 30, 2018

IUPAC Silver book—corrigendum

From the journal Chemistry International

In April 2017, Chemistry International announced the release of the second edition of the so-called IUPAC Silver book, i.e. the “Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences” [1]. The authors of the Silver Book have since shared a change to Section 6.10.5. The description of how the combined standard measurement uncertainty is obtained has been rephrased in order to conform with the International vocabulary of metrology (JCGM 200:2012 International vocabulary of metrology—basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM), BIPM, Sèvres.

Section 6.10.5 now reads:

Each component of measurement uncertainty estimated by Type A or B evaluation can be characterized by a variance, u2, that may be calculated from the distribution of values with repeated measurements (Type A) or assessed by using available knowledge (Type B). The positive square root of such a variance is called standard measurement uncertainty, . Standard measurement uncertainty values may be combined by the law of propagation of uncertainty [JCGM 100: 2008, section 5]: the result is called the combined standard measurement uncertainty, uc [ref. 20, concept 2.31]. Such a quantity has the same dimension as the quantity being measured and is expressed in the same unit.


1. G. Férard, R. Dybkaer, X. Fuentes-Arderiu. Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. London: Royal Society of Chemistry. 2017. in Google Scholar

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