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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter February 12, 2020

IUPAC Provisional Recommendations

From the journal Chemistry International


Provisional Recommendations are preliminary drafts of IUPAC recommendations.  These drafts encompass topics including terminology, nomenclature, and symbols.  Following approval, the final recommendations are published in IUPAC’s journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) or in IUPAC books. During the commentary period for Provisional Recommendations, interested parties are encouraged to suggest revisions to the recommendation’s author. 

Definitions and notations relating to tactic polymers

Comments by 31 January 2020

Glossary of Methods and Terms used in Analytical Spectroscopy

Comments by 29 February 2020

Vocabulary of radioanalytical methods

Comments by 31 March 2020

Glossary of Methods and Terms used in Surface Chemical Analysis

Comments by 30 April 2020

Online erschienen: 2020-02-12
Erschienen im Druck: 2020-01-01

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