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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter February 12, 2020

Solution Chemistry in Action!

  • Yongquan Zhou

    Yongquan Zhou (Roger),  Secretary-General of the 36ICSC Local Organizing Committe Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

From the journal Chemistry International

Held in Xining, China, 4-8 August 2019, the 36th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC2019) had more than 226 registered participants from 22 countries at the conference, with every continent represented. The 32 invited lecturers gave 5 plenary, 5 keynote and 22 invited talks; all of them are a very high standard. 30 section oral lectures were chosen from the 41 applicants, taking regional and gender balance into consideration. The five plenary speakers were:

  1. Glenn Hefter (Murdoch University, Australia),

  2. Buxin Han (Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China),

  3. Yoshifumi Kimura (Doshisha University, Japan),

  4. Pal Sipos (Szeged, Hungary), and

  5. Zhijian Wu (Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes Chinese Academy of Sciences, China);

  6. The keynote speakers were:

  7. Edgar Vargas (Bogotá, Colombia),

  8. Paola D’ Angelo (Universita` di Roma “La Sapienza,” Italy),

  9. Susumu Okazaki (Nagoya University, Japan),

  10. Marie Claire Bellissent Funel (French National Centre for Scientific Research, France) and

  11. Jianji Wang (Henan Normal University, China).

In addition, 96 posters were presented. All the posters were carefully evaluated by five poster assessors. 10 well done and 5 excellent posters were selected. Earle Waghorne presented the excellent poster prizes with an extra 100 Euro book voucher, sponsored by SPRINGER. They are: Payam Kalhor (Tsinghua University, China/Iran), Xiaolei Hao (Tsinghua University, China), Kazuhiko Ohashi (Kyushu University, Japan), Dongdong Li (Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS, China), and Kenzo Aki (Himeji Dokkyo University, Japan).

In order to give more opportunity and exposure to young scientists, organizers held a special session for young speakers under 35 years old. Nearly 20 youth speakers chose this session, and we selected 10 of them as the youth forum speakers, taking gender, research fields, and region into consideration. Two excellent youth forum speakers were selected: Bence Kutus (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany) and Shangqing Chen (Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China).

Glenn Hefter, IUPAC representative to ICSC2019, gave a 10-minute talk detailing the various activities of IUPAC, the 100th anniversary of IUPAC, and a coming special issue in Pure and Applied Chemistry. Earle Waghorne gave a 5-minute talk detailing the upcoming special issue in Journal of Solution Chemistry.

During the conference, the International Steering Committee Meeting was held on 6 August with Toshio Yamaguchi (The incumbent chair of ICSC) as moderator. The next, 37th, ICSC will be held in 2021 in Cartagena, Columbia; the organizers gave a presentation and demonstrated that all the necessary preparations are well underway. The international steering committee hopes the ICSC2021 will attract more American participates, who have not been very active in this area in recent years. Tunisia, Serbia, and Italy showed their intention to becoming the potential organizer of ICSC2023. The potential organizers from Tunisia and Serbia gave presentations about their plan while Italy attended as an observer. The International Steering Committee selected Belgrade, Serbia to organize the 38th ICSC in 2023.

Marija Bešter Rogač from Slovenia was elected as the new member of the International Steering Committee of ICSC. This year, we lost two respective members of the International Steering Committee; one-minute of silence prayers were held during the open ceremony and at the beginning of International Steering Committee Meeting.

Beyond the busy scientific schedule, the conference was rich in social events. The opening ceremony was held in QISLCAS with local government leaders as the attendees, which has been reported by four national media outlets. The conference excursion included the Exhibition Room of QISLCAS, Plateau Biological Herbarium of Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology CAS, and the Tibetan Medicine Museum of China. The conference excursion destinations are full of local characteristics i.e. Tibetan and Plateau. The friendly and harmonious banquet and awarding ceremony was held in Wanda Ream, one of the most luxurious banquet halls in Xining.

ICSC2019 got adequate financial support from the Chinese Academy of Science, Lanzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Science, and Tianjin University of Science and Technology etc. Nine companies also contributed to this conference through commercial sponsors; they are CasMart, ASONE, Anton Paar, Metrohem, PerkinElmer, Mikrouna, IKA, Huber, and Springer. With their generous contribution, nice conference services were provided, such as free buffet for lunch and supper, free poster print service, free take/delivery service, and cash award for the poster and youth forum winners, etc. To alleviate the discomfort of delegates caused by the language difference, 20 volunteers with good English communication abilities were recruited. Four Journals acted as the academic sponsors, they will issue special issues for this conference; they are Journal of Salt Lake Research (Pre-Conference, English edition has been published,, Pure and Applied Chemistry, Journal of Solution Chemistry, and Computer and Applied Chemistry (Post-Conference).

Thus, ICSC2019 was successful on several fronts: high-quality science, interesting social programs, and nice conference services.

Special thanks go to the Chinese Chemical Society Subcommittee on Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis (especially Jianji Wang and Zhiwu Yu).

Special thanks also go to the organisers from the QISLCAS (especially Changling Zhao, Hongen Nian, and Jingjing Li) and Tianjin University of Science and Technology (especially Tianlong Deng, the co-chairman of ICSC2019) and to the contributing members of the Solution Structure Research Group at QISLCAS: Dengke Pang, Guangguo Wang, and Zhuanfang Jing.

ICSC looks forward to meeting again in Cartagena in 2021!

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Yongquan Zhou

Yongquan Zhou (Roger),  Secretary-General of the 36ICSC Local Organizing Committe Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

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