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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter July 16, 2020

Biomass Burning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Chemical Issues and Action Outreach

From the journal Chemistry International

Lilinano Mammino, editor

Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0808-2, Feb 2020

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the various aspects involved in biomass burning, highlighting the complexity of the phenomenon and the ensuing challenges for the design of approaches aimed at reducing fires in the open air.

Chemical issues are discussed in the first 7 chapters, providing the core of the scientific and technical information. In the following chapters, experts in the human sciences provide information on people’s attitudes and perceptions. Both types of expertise are needed in the design of interventions that can motivate people and communities to opt for sustainable practices.

In closing, this book underscores the importance of pursuing an interdisciplinary approach in order to tackle the problem effectively. It offers a valuable resource for undergraduates, graduates, and policymakers working in the fields of chemistry, environmental science, science education and sustainability.

This book was conceived as part of IUPAC project 2007-025-1-300,

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