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Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry


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Chemical Thermodynamics for Industry

For over a century, chemical thermodynamics—the history of which stretches back 150 years—has been the foundation for much of chemistry. Despite this historical importance, there is an attitude among many chemists that thermodynamics has little relevance to modern day chemistry and will have little importance in the future development of chemistry. To counteract this view, the former IUPAC Commission on Chemical Thermodynamics, published in 1999 a volume entitled Chemical Thermodynamics for the 21st Century. It consisted of 27 chapters, all focusing on the applications of thermodynamics to very recent developm ents in chemistry. The aim was to highlight the role of thermodynamics at the forefront of chemical research.

In 2002, the International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics, the successor to the commission, decided to publish a collection of 25 essays on applied chemical thermodynamic topics. The aim of this publication is to highlight the role of thermodynamics in chemical industry and to show that it not only helps us understand the world we live in, but also helps to create a better world. Among the topics to be covered in the new volume are the following:

  • multiphase thermodynamics

  • reactive distillation

  • thermodynamic properties from ab initio quantum chemistry

  • molecular modeling

  • properties of clathrates

  • ionic liquids in separation processes

  • calorimetry

  • transport properties

  • bioseparation

  • nano-particles and nano-technology

The volume will be published in 2004 with the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK). The editor is Professor Trevor Letcher, who edited the previous volume (Chemical Thermodynamics for the 21st Century, 1999 [ISBN 0-632-05127-2], < books/author/letcher.html>). The new collection is aimed at those working in this field as well as general chemists, prospective researchers, and those involved in funding chemical research.

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