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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter September 1, 2009

Terminology for Biomedical (Therapeutic) Polymers


Terminology for Biomedical (Therapeutic) Polymers

Like most of the materials used by humans, polymers and polymeric materials have been tested and used by surgeons and pharmacists to treat trauma and diseases. Polymers are also used when studying living systems in the environment. Each domain has developed specific terminologies, which have been the source of misunderstanding, confusion, and misperception among scientists, surgeons, pharmacists, journalists, and policy makers.

This project aims to define specific terms used by people active in the biomedical, pharmacological, environmental, and journalistic fields. ASTM, ECS (European Committee for Standardization), and normalization bodies of different countries will be consulted so that the definitions can be accepted worldwide at last.

For more information and comments, contact the Task Group Chairman Michel Vert <>.


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