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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter May 1, 2013

InChI Videos Launched


InChI Videos Launched

In April 2013, the InChI Trust launched a four-part video series to explain the International Chemical Identifier (InChI)—the widely used identifier for chemical substances that enables easier linking of diverse data compilations. Launched at the ACS Spring Meeting in New Orleans, the short, playful videos provide an easy-to-understand overview of InChI. The videos were created by Nick Currey from and were produced by the InChI Trust. Following are screen shots from some of the videos.

Video One: What on Earth is InChI?

Introduction of the InChI standard—the International Chemical Identifier—to represent chemical structures.

Video Two: The Birth of the InChI

Background to the development of the InChI standard.

Video Three: The Googlable InChIKey

Describes how an InChIKey enables chemical structures to be uniquely identified on the web, using as a basis the InChI standard.

Video Four: InChI and the Islands

Describes how the InChI standard enables the linking of information on a chemical structure from a variety of sources like databases and journals. or


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