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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton November 4, 2005

Usage-based approaches in Cognitive Linguistics: A technical state of the art

  • Jose Tummers , Kris Heylen and Dirk Geeraerts


This paper presents a technical state of the art in usage-based linguistics as defined in the context of Cognitive Linguistics. Starting from actual case studies rather than theoretical assumptions, methodological issues concerning the usage-based approach are addressed, with specific reference to the use of corpus materials. The specific methodological identity of usage-based linguistics is described in terms of data gathering strategies and the status of empirical data in linguistic research. From a delineation of corpus research in contrast with introspection, survey research, and experimentation, two criteria emerge as essential for a genuine corpus-oriented usage-based linguistics, viz. the use of quantitative techniques and the systematic operationalization of research hypotheses. It is suggested that paying closer attention to these methodological issues is a prerequisite for the further development of the usage-based approach in Cognitive Linguistics.

Published Online: 2005-11-04
Published in Print: 2005-11-18

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