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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter March 1, 2016

Reliable Averaging for the Primal Variable in the Courant FEM and Hierarchical Error Estimators on Red-Refined Meshes

Carsten Carstensen and Martin Eigel


A hierarchical a posteriori error estimator for the first-order finite element method (FEM) on a red-refined triangular mesh is presented for the 2D Poisson model problem. Reliability and efficiency with some explicit constant is proved for triangulations with inner angles smaller than or equal to π2. The error estimator does not rely on any saturation assumption and is valid even in the pre-asymptotic regime on arbitrarily coarse meshes. The evaluation of the estimator is a simple post-processing of the piecewise linear FEM without any extra solve plus a higher-order approximation term. The results also allow the striking observation that arbitrary local averaging of the primal variable leads to a reliable and efficient error estimation. Several numerical experiments illustrate the performance of the proposed a posteriori error estimator for computational benchmarks.

Funding source: DFG

Award Identifier / Grant number: MATHEON project C33

Funding source: National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Award Identifier / Grant number: R31-2008-000-10049-0

Received: 2015-1-29
Revised: 2016-2-5
Accepted: 2016-2-6
Published Online: 2016-3-1
Published in Print: 2016-4-1

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