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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access June 14, 2017

Some relations between Hodge numbers and invariant complex structures on compact nilmanifolds

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From the journal Complex Manifolds


Let N be a simply connected real nilpotent Lie group, n its Lie algebra, and € a lattice in N. If a left-invariant complex structure on N is Γ-rational, then HƏ̄s,t(Γ/N) ≃ HƏ̄s,t(nC) for each s; t. We can construct different left-invariant complex structures on one nilpotent Lie group by using the complexification and the scalar restriction. We investigate relationships to Hodge numbers of associated compact complex nilmanifolds.

MSC 2010: 53C30; 22E25


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Received: 2017-3-10
Accepted: 2017-5-25
Published Online: 2017-6-14
Published in Print: 2017-2-23

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