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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access June 6, 2022

Normality and Quasinormality of Specific Bounded Product of Densely Defined Composition Operators in L2 Spaces

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From the journal Concrete Operators


Let (X, 𝒜, μ) be a σ−finite measure space. A transformation ϕ : XX is non-singular if μϕ−1 is absolutely continuous with respect with μ. For this non-singular transformation, the composition operator Cϕ: 𝒟(Cϕ) → L2(μ) is defined by Cϕf = fϕ, f ∈ 𝒟(Cϕ).

For a fixed positive integer n ≥ 2, basic properties of product Cϕn · · · Cϕ1 in L2(μ) are presented in Section 2, including the boundedness and adjoint. Under the assistance of these properties, normality and quasinormality of specific bounded Cϕn · · · Cϕ1 in L2(μ) are characterized in Section 3 and 4 respectively, where Cϕ1, Cϕ2, · · ·, Cϕn are all densely defined.


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Received: 2021-10-06
Accepted: 2022-04-26
Published Online: 2022-06-06

© 2022 Hang Zhou, published by De Gruyter

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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