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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 14, 2013

Far-Infrared Drying Characteristics of Mushroom Slices

Hosain Darvishi, Gholamhassan Najafi, Adel Hosainpour, Jala Khodaei and Mohsen Aazdbakht


In this study, infrared drying characteristic of mushroom slices was investigated in the temperature range of 50–90°C. The drying data were fitted to five thin-layer drying models. The performance of these models was compared using the determination of coefficient (R2), reduced chi-square (χ2), and root mean square error between the observed and predicted moisture ratios. The values of the diffusivity coefficients at each temperature were obtained using Fick’s second law of diffusion. The drying processes were completed within 60–168 min at different temperatures. Experimental drying curves showed only a falling drying rate period. The results show that the logarithmic model is the most appropriate model for infrared drying behavior of thin-layer mushroom slices. A third-order polynomial relationship was found to correlate the effective moisture diffusivity with moisture content. The average effective moisture diffusivity increased with increasing temperature and decrease in moisture content of mushroom slices and varied from 8.039 × 10−10 to 20.618 × 10−10 m2/s. Arrhenius relation with an activation energy value of 21.85 kJ/mol expressed the effect of temperature on the average diffusivity. The minimum and the maximum energy requirements for drying of mushroom slices were also determined as 2.87 kW h/kg water and 5.36 kW h/kg water for 90 and 50°C, respectively.


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