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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter September 11, 2020

Asymptotic expansions of fiber integrals over higher-dimensional bases

  • Shigeharu Takayama


We give a formula of an asymptotic expansion of a function, provided in the form of a fiber integral around a critical value of a holomorphic map of toric type.

Award Identifier / Grant number: 16H03929

Funding statement: This research is supported by JSPS KAKENHI (B) 16H03929.


It is a pleasure for the author to acknowledge Professor Daniel Barlet for his correspondences. He would also like to thank the referees for their time and efforts in reviewing this paper.


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Received: 2019-11-06
Revised: 2020-07-05
Published Online: 2020-09-11
Published in Print: 2021-04-01

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