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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton June 1, 2012

Semiotica Tartuensis: Jakob von Uexkiill and Juri Lotman

Kalevi Kull and Mihhail Lotman
From the journal Chinese Semiotic Studies


The essay provides a brief analysis of correspondence between two scholars whose heritage forms the basis of contemporary Tartu semiotics-Jakob von Uexküll (1864-1944) and Juri Lotman (1922-1993). A comparison between Uexküll's and Lotman's work demonstrates a series of features in which their approaches are in concord. We find some aspects of local culture as supportive of their way of thinking. We also claim that the theoretical integration of Jakob Uexküll's and Juri Lotman's approaches is at the heart of the contemporary semiotics, which has a task to develop a theoretical and methodological apparatus that would delimit and specify the scope of general semiotics and that could be used as a basis for all branches of semiotics.

Published Online: 2012-6-1
Published in Print: 2012-6-1

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