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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton April 26, 2014

Semiotics as a Global Discipline

  • Arif Hakim
From the journal Chinese Semiotic Studies


Semiotics has tremendous potential as a subject to be studied globally since it deals with the signs and sign-processes that exist in every society. In addition, it interprets culture, and related phenomena, by means of the scientific method. Further, the domain of semiotics includes social, temporal and spatial phenomena, from aerospace to the human mind, and from prehistory to the remote future. Viewed in this light, semiotics could be regarded as an essential discipline of the academic world. This paper explains the necessity of studying semiotics worldwide, its nature and characteristics, and its scope as a global discipline.

Published Online: 2014-4-26
Published in Print: 2013-6-1

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