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Genre mixing on WeChat: evidence from a movie review subscription account

Yanni Sun
From the journal Chinese Semiotic Studies


Genre mixing and hybrid genre have been vital concepts in genre studies. With the increasing popularity of WeChat, a social media platform in China, a new type of hybrid genre comprised of media content and advertisements is emerging on WeChat subscription accounts. The present study collects 28 hybrid texts from a movie review subscription account in order to closely examine their communicative purposes and generic structure. It is found that instead of being fused into a monocentric entity, these hybrid texts are divided into movie review and advertisement parts, both functionally and structurally dichotomous. This expands and complements the existing understanding of concepts like hybrid genre and genre mixing. It also brings into focus the anti-monocentric nature of these concepts and questions the logocentric framework advocated in genre mixing studies.

Corresponding author: Yanni Sun, Department of English, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, E-mail:


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Published Online: 2021-08-18
Published in Print: 2021-08-26

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