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From the journal Diagnosis

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Arnaout, Ramy

Biasucci, L.M.

Casagranda, Ivo

Chiu, Rossa

Das, A.M.

Dighe, Anand

El-Kareh, Robert

Epifani, Maria Grazia

Ferlin, Alberto

Fucharoen, Supan

Gans, Janet

Giavarina, Davide

Gomez-Salgado, Juan

Greitemeyer, Tobias

Hall, Sara

Hammet-Stabler, Catherine D.

Hammouda, O.

Herzog, Keith

Hirata, Ichiro

Hunter, Ben

Ismail, A.A.A.

Kassirer, Jerome

Lippi, Giuseppe

Locatelli, Sara

Lourenco, Charles

Marks, Vincent

McCoy, Allison

Meyer, Ashley

Morris, Alan

Mylopoulos, Maria

Peters, David

Piva, Elisa

Raab, Stephen

Reilly, James

Rugge, Massimo

Schiff, Gordon

Schwartz, Alan

Sittig, Dean

Testa, Sophie

Thammasitboon, Satid

Therese, Lily

Trenti, Tommaso

Upadhyay, Divvy

Vogel, Ida

Wears, Robert

Williams, Reed

Wolfson, Daniel

Zaninotto, Martina

Zipperer, Lorri

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