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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 19, 2018

Cubic Transmuted-G Family of Distributions and Its Properties

  • Muhammad Aslam EMAIL logo , Zawar Hussain ORCID logo and Zahid Asghar


In this article, a new family of distributions is introduced by using transmutation maps. The proposed family of distributions is expected to be useful in modeling real data sets. The genesis of the proposed family, including several statistical and reliability properties, is presented. Methods of estimation like maximum likelihood, least squares, weighted least squares, and maximum product spacing are discussed. Maximum likelihood estimation under censoring schemes is also considered. Further, we explore some special models of the proposed family of distributions and examined different properties of these special models. We compare three particular models of the proposed family with several existing distributions using different information criteria. It is observed that the proposed particular models perform better than different competing models. Applications of the particular models of the proposed family of distributions are finally presented to establish the applicability in real life situations.

MSC 2010: 46N30


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Received: 2017-11-04
Revised: 2018-05-21
Accepted: 2018-05-21
Published Online: 2018-06-19
Published in Print: 2018-12-01

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