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Food for the Global Market: The Neoliberal Reconstruction of Agriculture in Occupied Iraq (2003–2004) and the role of international law

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From the journal Global Jurist


This paper revisits the occupation of Iraq between 2003 and 2004. The focus of my analysis is the agricultural reforms promoted by the occupying power, the Coalition Provisional Authority, which aimed at the marketisation of agricultural production, at the enhancement of the position of multi-national agribusiness and in the total integration of Iraq in global food markets. More specifically, this article maintains that the aggressively neoliberal reform of Iraq’s agriculture can be better understood as the extreme end of a wider spectrum of promotion of neoliberal state-building through international law and international institutions post-1990.


This article partly draws from Chapter 6 of my doctoral dissertation ‘Letters of Blood and Fire: A Socio-Economic History of International Law’ (Durham University, 2016). I warmly thank my supervisor, Dr Gleider I. Hernández, for his help and guidance, as well as Dr Mai Taha and the anonymous reviewer for their instructive comments. All errors of substance and style are mine.

Published Online: 2016-11-26
Published in Print: 2017-4-1

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