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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 10, 2011

Low Band Gap Polymers for Roll-to-Roll Coated Organic Photovoltaics – Design, Synthesis and Characterization

  • Eva Bundgaard , Ole Hagemann , Mikkel Jørgensen and Frederik C. Krebs
From the journal Green


In this paper we present the design and synthesis of 25 new low band gap polymers. The polymers were characterized by UV-vis spectroscopy which showed optical band gaps of 2.0–0.9 eV. The polymers which were soluble enough were applied in organic photovoltaics, both small area devices with a spin coated active layer and in large area modules where all layers including the active layer were either roll-to-roll coated or printed. These experiments showed that the design of polymers compatible with roll-toroll coating is not straightforward and that there are various issues such as donor/acceptor fitting within the polymer, side chains to ensure solubility and HOMO/LUMO level alignment with the acceptor (e.g. [60]PCBM) to take into consideration.

Corresponding author: Eva Bundgaard, E-mail: .

Received: 2010-09-23
Accepted: 2011-01-04
Published Online: 2011-03-10
Published in Print: 2011-March

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