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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 2, 2017

Isolation and structural elucidation of heartwood extractives of Juglans sigillata

  • Liqiu Hu , Kai Wang , Guangbi Li , Rongyan Zhang , Yanyan Luo , Chuan-Ling Si EMAIL logo and Junhui Wang EMAIL logo
From the journal Holzforschung


Juglans sigillata is a deciduous tree in Juglandaceae that grows native in southwestern China. The extracts of J. sigillata are used extensively in folk medicines to treat or prevent various diseases. However, the individual components of J. sigillata heartwood are not known. In this work, the following substances have been isolated from the heartwood: a new trans-feruloyl isoflavone glycoside, namely 3′-methoxy-5′-hydroxy-isoflavone-7-O-(4′′-trans-feruloyl)-β-D-glucoyranoside (I), a known isoflavone glucoside, i.e. 3′-methoxy-5′-hydroxy-isoflavone-7-O-β-D-glucoyranoside (II), and two known flavonol glycosides: kaempferol-3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside (III) and myricetin-3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside (IV). Chemical structures of extractives I~IV were elucidated mainly based on their spectroscopic [nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectroscopy (MS), ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR)] and chemical analysis, as well as by comparison with literature data. Compound I was never isolated from any other plant, and it is described the first time in this work. Compound II was not found before in extracts of the genus Juglans, and the compounds III and IV are the first time described as components of J. sigillata extractives.


We thank the following for their financially support: the Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding (Chinese Academy of Forestry) (Grant No. TGB2016002), Jiangsu Province Biomass Energy and Materials Laboratory in Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, CAF (JSBEM201601) and the Foundation (No. 2016IM003) of Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology of Ministry of Education and Tianjin Key Lab of Industrial Microbiology (Tianjin University of Science & Technology).


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Received: 2017-2-25
Accepted: 2017-4-25
Published Online: 2017-6-2
Published in Print: 2017-9-26

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