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Team work at its best – TAPL and its two domains

Tina Zollmann, Christoph Bock, Philipp Graab and Rupert Abele
From the journal Biological Chemistry


The transporter associated with antigen processing (TAPL, ABCB9) is a homodimeric ABC transporter, shuttling cytosolic polypeptides into the lumen of lysosomes energized by ATP hydrolysis. Here we give a short overview of the superfamily of ABC transporters and summarize the current state of knowledge on TAPL in detail. The architecture of TAPL and its substrate specificity are described and we discuss the function of an extra N-terminal transmembrane domain, called TMD0, in respect of subcellular targeting and interaction with proteins, contributing to long-term stability. As TAPL shows – besides a ubiquitous basal expression – an elevated expression in antigen presenting cells, we present models of TAPL function in adaptive immunity.

Corresponding author: Rupert Abele, Institute of Biochemistry, Biocenter, Goethe University Frankfurt, Max-von-Laue-Str. 9, D-60438 Frankfurt/Main, Germany, e-mail:


This work was supported by the German Research Foundation via SFB807 – Transport and Communication across Membranes (R.A.) and Fond der Chemischen Industrie (T.Z. and R.A.)


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