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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 8, 2019

Schreiben einer Tradition

Frauenfreundschaft bei Sophie von La Roche

Luisa Banki


Around 1800, literary and gender discourses intersected in novel conceptualisations of friendship. Departing from a discussion of the possibility of female friendship, this paper offers a reading of Sophie von La Roche’s epistolary friendship with Julie Bondeli as it is presented in her late work Mein Schreibetisch (1799). This literary friendship, I argue, is offered as a model of female friendship that invites emulation. It thereby becomes an implicit – and only retrospectively reconstructable – beginning of a tradition of female literary friendship and authorship.

Published Online: 2019-06-08
Published in Print: 2019-06-04

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