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Merging Interactive Information Filtering and Recommender Algorithms – Model and Concept Demonstrator

Benedikt Loepp, Katja Herrmanny and Jürgen Ziegler
From the journal icom


To increase controllability and transparency in recommender systems, recent research has been putting more focus on integrating interactive techniques with recommender algorithms. In this paper, we propose a model of interactive recommending that structures the different interactions users can have with recommender systems. Furthermore, as a novel approach to interactive recommending, we describe a technique that combines faceted information filtering with different algorithmic recommender techniques. We refer to this approach as blended recommending. We also present an interactive movie recommender based on this approach and report on its user-centered design process, in particular an evaluation study in which we compared our system with a standard faceted filtering system. The results indicate a higher level of perceived user control, more detailed preference settings, and better suitability when the search goal is vague.


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