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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 9, 2020

The last verse of the Middle Phrygian epigram from Dokimeion

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This paper focuses on the last verse of the Phrygian epigram dated to the Early Hellenistic Period and found in Dokimeion (W-11). After some remarks on the segmentation, the verb πεννιτι is identified as the Phrygian outcome of PIE verbal root *pent- and ομνισιτου, along with its related Phrygian forms, as going back to PIE *h₃emh₃‑. It also argues in favour of Lubotsky’s identification of Phrygian κορο- as a cognate of Greek κόρος ‘boy’ and κόρη ‘girl’ with some remarks on its inflection.

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