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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter September 10, 2015

Super-mesenteric-vein-expia-thrombosis, the clinical sequelae can be quite atrocious

Superior mesenteric vein thrombosis: an important differential of abdominal pain in a child
  • Benjamin Howell Lole Harris EMAIL logo , Jason Leo Walsh and Sarfraz A. Nazir


Superior mesenteric vein (SMV) thrombosis is a rare, potentially life-threatening complication of intra-abdominal infection. Here we present a case of massive SMV thrombosis secondary to appendicitis in a 13-year-old boy. He presented with vague abdominal pain and associated symptoms, persistently elevated serum inflammatory markers and a pyrexia of unknown origin. Sonography proved inconclusive, and a definitive diagnosis was made by abdominal contrast-enhanced computed tomography. He was treated with antibiotics and anticoagulation before interval elective laparoscopic appendectomy. The non-specific nature of the presenting symptoms makes SMV thrombosis an important differential to consider when dealing with such patients.

  1. Financial disclosure: There are no financial relationships relevant to this article to disclose.

    No external funding was secured for this study.

  2. Conflict of interest: All authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

    The first draft was written by Benjamin H.L Harris and Jason L. Walsh jointly.

  3. Contributor’s statements: Benjamin H.L Harris and Jason L. Walsh:

    Drs Harris and Walsh recorded the events of the case, conceptualised and designed the article, drafted the initial manuscript, and approved the final manuscript as submitted.

    Sarfraz A. Nazir:

    Dr Nazir recorded the events of the case and was involved in design of the article. Dr Nazir commented on the various drafts of the manuscript and sourced and interpreted the radiographical images. Dr Nazir critically reviewed the manuscript before final submission.


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Received: 2015-5-6
Accepted: 2015-7-2
Published Online: 2015-9-10
Published in Print: 2016-11-1

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