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Effects of the Addition of Grape Seed Powder on the Thermorheological Properties of Frying Batters

Ece Cagdas and Seher Kumcuoglu


The effects of the addition of grape seed powder (GSP) on the thermorheological properties of frying batters were investigated in this study. Thermal properties, including gelatinization (TG) and melting (Tm) temperatures, as well as enthalpies (ΔHG, ΔHm), were determined by a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). The addition of GSP decreased the TG and Tm as the GSP levels increased. When compared with the control batter, the addition of GSP significantly decreased the apparent viscosity and viscoelastic modules (G′, G′′). The mechanical spectra of batters carried out at 15–80°C showed a transition from fluid-like to gel-like behavior. The batter pick-up values were found to be directly proportional to the batter viscosity. Both water retention capacities (WRC) and consistency index values (K) of the batters were significantly affected by the GSP addition and temperature (p < 0.05). Grape seeds have health-promoting components on a scientific basis; thus, this study provides helpful results in the development of novel frying batters.


This research was conducted at Ege University and the authors are indebted to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with project number 110 O 512 for providing financial support.


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