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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 15, 2023

The application of UVC light-emitting diodes irradiation for decontamination in fresh Tartary buckwheat noodles

  • Yun-Long Li , Gui-Mei Dong , Ji-Lin Dong , Ying-Ying Zhu and Rui-Ling Shen EMAIL logo


Fresh noodles are easily to deterioration and contamination by microorganisms, improving its quality retention remains challenging. This study shows the potential of Ultraviolet C light-emitting diodes (UVC-LEDs, 275 nm) for the inactivation of Bacillus subtilis or Staphylococcus aureus inoculated on Tartary buckwheat fresh Tartary buckwheat noodles (FTBN) and as well as the inactivation of natural microbiota and quality of FTBN treated with UVC-LEDs during storage at 25 °C. The results showed that within a certain irradiation range of UVC-LEDs (0–1200 mJ/cm2), B. subtilis and S. aureus inoculated with FTBN would have deactivation and the dosage-dependent manner (P < 0.05). The initial total plate count of FTBN treated with UVC-LEDs was significantly reduced (P < 0.05) and shelf life was extended to 3 days. Changes of the pH, color, water distribution, cooking characterisitcs, and texture properties of FTBN treated with UVC-LEDs were delayed during storage. Based on these advantages, UVC-LEDs has good sterilization performance and improves the shelf life of noodles.

Corresponding author: Rui-Ling Shen, School of Food and Biological Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou 450000, Henan, P.R. China, E-mail:

Funding source: Earmarked Fund for China Agriculture Research System

Award Identifier / Grant number: CARS-07-E-2



ultraviolet C light-emitting diodes


fresh Tartary buckwheat noodles

B. subtilis

Bacillus subtilis

S. aureus

Staphylococcus aureus

  1. Author contributions: Conceptualization, Gui-mei Dong; methodology and investigation, Gui-mei Dong and Yun-long Li; writing-original preparation, Gui-mei Dong and Yun-long Li; data curation, Ji-ling Dong and Yingying Zhu; writing-review and editing, Rui-ling Shen. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.

  2. Conflict of interest statement: The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest.

  3. Research funding: This work was supported by Earmarked Fund for China Agriculture Research System (CARS-07-E-2).

  4. Data availability: The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author, upon reasonable request.


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Received: 2022-08-05
Accepted: 2023-07-28
Published Online: 2023-08-15

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