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Microstructure and mechanical property improvement of dissimilar metal joints for TC4 Ti alloy to Nitinol NiTi alloy by laser welding

Yan Zhang, DeShui Yu, JianPing Zhou, DaQian Sun and HongMei Li


To avoid the formation of Ti-Ni intermetallics in a joint, three laser welding processes for Ti alloy–NiTi alloy joints were introduced. Sample A was formed while a laser acted at the Ti alloy–NiTi alloy interface, and the joint fractured along the weld centre line immediately after welding without filler metal. Sample B was formed while the laser acted on a Cu interlayer. The average tensile strength of sample B was 216 MPa. Sample C was formed while the laser acted 1.2 mm on the Ti alloy side. The one-pass welding process involved the creation of a joint with one fusion weld and one diffusion weld separated by the remaining unmelted Ti alloy. The mechanical performance of sample C was determined by the diffusion weld formed at the Ti alloy–NiTi alloy interface with a tensile strength of 256 MPa.

Yan Zhang PhD Master Instructor School of Mechanical Engineering State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems Engineering China Xinjiang University Wulumuqi 830000 P. R. China Tel.: +86-10-2343-4456


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Accepted: 2020-11-17
Published Online: 2021-03-18

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