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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter September 24, 2021

Microstructural evolution and properties of tungsten inert gas and fiber laser welded SUS445 ferritic stainless steel

Ching-Wen Lu , Huei-Sen Wang EMAIL logo , Chih-Chun Hsieh EMAIL logo and Jie-Jyun Wu


To determine the weldability of SUS445 ferritic stainless steel, two welding approaches, tungsten inert gas and fiber laser welding processes, were used and compared. After the welding processes, the microstructure, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance of the welds were investigated. In the weld fusion zones of these two welding approaches, different morphologies of the grains were obtained. No obvious precipitation formed in these zones. In the heat affected zone of the tungsten inert gas welds, more volume fraction and larger grain sizes of the Laves phase and larger matrix grains were observed, which significantly affected its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. However, in the heat affected zone of the fiber laser welds, only small amounts Laves phases and a relatively narrow matrix grain growth area were observed, which offers better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Prof. Huei-Sen Wang, I-Shou Universtiy, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Main Campus: No. 1, Sec. 1, Syuecheng Rd. Dasu District Kaohsiung City 84001 Taiwan, R. O. C. Tel: +886 (0)7-6577711 ext. 3111
Dr. Chih-Chun Hsieh Air Force Institute of Technology Department of Aircraft Engineering Julun Campus: No. 1, Julun Rd. Gangshan District Kaohsiung City 82063 Taiwan, R. O. C. Tel: +886-9-27757566


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Received: 2020-08-19
Accepted: 2021-05-31
Published Online: 2021-09-24
Published in Print: 2021-09-30

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