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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 8, 2021

Study on the synthesis and application of BaTiO3 nanospheres

  • Do Viet On , Le Dai Vuong , Truong Van Chuong , Dao Anh Quang and Vo Thanh Tung EMAIL logo


In the present study, BaTiO3 nanospheres with a uniform particle size of around 100 nm were prepared by a hydrothermal route using Ba(OH)2.8H2O and TiO2 nanoparticles. Experimental results revealed that the main influencing factors for the formation of BaTiO3 nanospheres were molar Ba/Ti ratio (RBa/Ti), hydrothermal temperature, and time. Highly-dispersed BaTiO3 nanospheres (100 nm) were obtained under the optimum hydrothermal conditions at temperature = 200°C, time = 12 h, and RBa/Ti = 1.5. Under these optimum conditions, BaTiO3 ceramics were synthesized from the as-prepared BaTiO3 nanospheres, and their structural, microstructural, and electrical properties were investigated. The BaTiO3 ceramics exhibited a high dielectric constant of 7300 at a Curie temperature of 125 °C, great density (ρ), 5.83 g cm–3; large dielectric constant at room temperature er = 3586 and tan d = 0.03, high remanant polarization Pr = 10.6 μC cm–2, low coercive field E c = 4.5 kVcm–1.

Vo Thanh Tung Department of Physics College of Sciences Hue University 77 Nguyen Hue Str. Hue City Vietnam Tel.: (+84)935961369


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Received: 2020-08-24
Accepted: 2021-02-26
Published Online: 2021-05-08
Published in Print: 2021-05-31

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