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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 12, 2021

Fabrication of monoclinic BiVO4 photocatalyst film and its photocatalytic activity for organic pollutant removal

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Monoclinic BiVO4 photocatalyst films decorated on glass substrates were successfully fabricated via a dip-coating technique with different annealing temperatures of 400 °C, 450 °C, 500°C, and 550 °C. All of the physical and chemical properties of as-prepared BiVO4 photocatalyst film samples were investigated using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and UV–vis diffuse reflectance spectra techniques. The results revealed that the as-prepared BiVO4 photocatalyst film samples retained a monoclinic phase with an average particle size of about 50 – 100 nm. Moreover, the BiVO4 photocatalyst film samples showed a strong photoabsorption edge in the range of visible light with the band gap energy of 2.46 eV. The photocatalytic activities of all the film samples were tested by the degradation of model acid orange 7 under visible light irradiation. The BiVO4 photocatalyst film sample annealed at a temperature of 500 °C showed the highest photoactivity efficiency compared with other film samples, reaching up to 51%within 180 min. In addition, the stability and reusability of BiVO4 photocatalyst film sample made with an annealing temperature of 500 °C did not show loss of photodegradation efficiency of acid orange 7 after ten recycles. A likely mechanism of the photocatalytic process was established by trapping experiments, indicating that the hydroxyl radical scavenger species can be considered to play a key role for acid orange 7 degradation under visible light irradiation.

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Accepted: 2021-02-17
Published Online: 2021-05-12
Published in Print: 2021-05-31

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