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The effect of homogenization on microstructure and hardness of a large-scale high-aluminum Al4.4Co26Cr18Fe18Ni26Ti5.5 Compositionally Complex Alloy cast

Florian Biermair and Gerald Ressel


As any largescale cast material, specific Compositionally Complex Alloys or High Entropy Superalloys contain segregations, leading to unideal, inhomogeneous properties. This work presents the effects of a homogenization heat treatment at 1 150°C for 6 h of a large-scale cast Al4.4Co26Cr18Fe18Ni26Ti5.5 alloy. In order to reveal these effects, homogenized specimens were analyzed and compared to the as-cast state with regard to chemical homogeneity as well as the homogeneity of elemental solution by means of scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy as well as X-ray diffraction and hardness measurements. Despite the increased Al content, intermetallic phases and segregations, observable in the as-cast state, dissolve during homogenization. Improved, but not full homogeneity of elemental distribution after annealing can be determined. The improved state of solution and homogeneity agrees with the increasing lattice parameter from 3.572 Å to 3.594 Å and the decreasing hardness from 320.3 HV10 to 245.2 HV10 during homogenization.

Florian Biermair, MSc Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH Roseggerstraße 12 Leoben 8700 Austria Tel.: +43 384245922556 Web:

Funding statement: This manuscript is a result of the project with the short title “HEADesign" with FFG ProjectNumber 864865. This project is funded by resources of the Austrian ministry for traffic, innovation and technology, BMVIT, and carried out in the frame of the program production of the future (“Produktion der Zukunft"). The authors acknowledge the financial support of voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG, voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace GmbH & Co KG and RHPTechnology GmbH, as well as the support of COMTES FHT a.s., for the implementation of the casting process.

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Accepted: 2021-04-14
Published Online: 2021-06-29
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