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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 15, 2021

Design of a novel HSLA steel with a combination of high strength (140–160 ksi) and excellent toughness

Mehdi Soltan Ali Nezhad, Sadegh Ghazvinian, Mahmoud Amirsalehi and Amir Momeni


Three steels were designed based on HSLA-100 with additional levels of Mn, Ni, Cr and Cu. The steels were prepared by controlled rolling and tempered at temperatures in range of 550–700°C. The continuous cooling time curves were shifted to longer times and lower temperatures with the increased tendency for the formation of martensite at lower cooling rates. The microstructures revealed that controlled rolling results in austenite with uniform fine grain structure. The steel with the highest amount of Mn showed the greatest strength after tempering at 750 °C. The top strength was attributed to the formation of Cu-rich particles. The steel with 1.03 wt.% Mn, tempered at 650 °C exhibited the best Charpy impact toughness at –85°C. On the other hand, the steel that contained 2.11 wt.% Mn and tempered at 700 °C showed the highest yield strength of 1 097.5 MPa (∼159 ksi) and an impact toughness of 41.6 J at –85°C.

Dr. Amir Momeni Hamedan University of Technology Hamedan Iran Tel.: +98 9123349007


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Published Online: 2021-10-15

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