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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 15, 2021

Influence of alloying systems on the properties of single crystal nickel-based superalloys

Alexander Glotka ORCID logo and Vadim Ol’shanetskii


The purpose of the investigation was to obtain the predictive regression models that help correct the calculation of the mechanical properties of single crystal nickel-based superalloys without conducting prior experiments. The paper considers the influence of alloying elements on their tendency to form phases in foundry nickel-based superalloys. Using the elements influence on the phase formation, the coefficient Kc’ of the ratio of alloying elements for this class of alloys was set for the first time. We have revealed the short correlation of the ratio Kc’ with the dimensional misfit of γ and γ’ crystal lattices. Also, a high probability to predict the misfit for multicomponent nickel systems is shown, which significantly affected the strength properties. The regression models of correlation dependencies on the dimensional γ/γ’- misfit were offered to predict the short-term and long-term limits of the strength of alloys. We determined the operating temperature at which the misfit value should decrease to zero. The structure stability should increase because of the structural stresses minimizing. This has a positive effect on strength and plastic properties.

Dr. Alexander Glotka Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University Zhukovsky 64 69063 Zaporizhzhia Ukraine Tel: +38 (0)96 427 5651 Web: Scopus Author ID – 56107270800 Web of Science ResearcherID – G-8537-2018


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Received: 2021-03-26
Accepted: 2021-08-04
Published Online: 2021-10-15

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