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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg August 23, 2018

A Bright Future for International Public History

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 Thomas Cauvin, President of the International Federation for Public History.

Thomas Cauvin, President of the International Federation for Public History.

As the President of the International Federation for Public History, it is my great pleasure to celebrate the first issue of International Public History. Even though the International Federation for Public History now has a decent list of achievements, the publication of this peer-reviewed journal definitely marks a watershed in our short history. This celebration is also the occasion to thank the groups and individuals who made this journal possible. In addition to Andreas Etges and David Dean – chief editors – De Gruyter Publishing, and the National Council on Public History, I have a special thought for the members of the first Steering Committee – Serge Noiret, Jean-Pierre Morin, Anna Adamek, Arnita Jones, Mike Devine, and Andreas Etges – who made the IFPH what it is today.

Through its unique format, International Public History will help the IFPH to continue its everyday work of connecting people, programs, and events all around the world. With its truly international editorial board and editorial advisory board and through its capacity for authors to submit their articles in numerous languages, the journal is a fantastic tool to make public history more international, more diverse, and more efficient. All the members of the International Federation for Public History will have free access to the e-journal, so we strongly encourage readers of this open-access inaugural issue to consider becoming a new member. Members of the IFPH can also write posts for “Bridging”, the new blog of the IFPH, or even join this new adventure as Blog editors.

Institutions and university departments can become patrons of the IFPH receiving free student memberships, visibility on our website, the chance to get involved in special events and the opportunity to advertise events and programs in our newsletter and social media links.

Even without being a member, you can still participate in the many projects we have to make public history more international. We hold regular international conferences like our 2018 annual conference taking place in São Paulo (Brazil, August 21–24, 2018) and our August 2020 conference in Berlin (Germany). We are also happy to collaborate with academic or cultural partners to organize workshops, summer schools, and conferences such as the public history summer school at the University of Wroclaw (Poland, July 2018). We are excited about our new YouTube Channel that will host short videos on public history topics, approaches, and practices that can be used to teach or encourage conversations about international public history. You can contact us for more details at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Once again, we wish the journal a happy and long life.

Published Online: 2018-08-23

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