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Preparation and Photo-Oxidation Aging Behavior of Oriented Polylactic Acid

Z.-Q. Li, L.-C. Ran, Y. Lang, T. Wu, Y. L. Chen and B. S. Chen


This study employed solid hot stretching technology to produce successfully specifically oriented polylactic acid (PLA) while investigating the impact of orientation structure on its photo-oxidation aging properties. After orientation, the molecular weight and mechanical properties retention rate of PLA were improved, and the crystallinity (Xc) increased in conjunction with prolonged aging time, while the molecular orientation failed to modify the mechanism responsible for PLA deterioration. Furthermore, an examination regarding the way in which the photo-oxidation stability of PLA was enhanced, demonstrated that the increased Xc and structural orientation were beneficial for delaying the photo-oxidation aging of PLA.

Zhengqiu Li, School of Material Science and Engineering of Xihua University, Chengdu 610039, PRC


This article was completed with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project (Grant No. 51803169), the Technology Transfer Demonstration Project of Sichuan Science and Technology Department (Grant No. 2020ZHCG0042), Ministry of Education Chunhui Program (Grant No. 192619), and the key project of Xihua University (Grant No. Z17105).


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Accepted: 2021-02-28
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