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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 9, 2018

Aqquyunlu Turkmen Rulers Facing the Ruins of Takht-i Jamshīd

Georg Leube
From the journal Der Islam


This article investigates the ways in which Aqquyunlu rulers drew on the material remains of bygone dynasties by including ruins in their court ceremonial. Central for the investigation are two inscriptions left by the majlis or artistic assemblee of an Aqquyunlu prince on the ruins of one of the Achaemenid palaces at Persepolis or Takht-i Jamshīd in Iran. These important epigraphic sources are presented here in an improved critical edition and discussed in their social, architectural, and literary context. In musing over past glories, the prince and his retinue appropriated the heritage of bygone prophets and kings, framing their courtly representation as part of a continuous tradition of just rulers over southern Iran.

Published Online: 2018-11-09
Published in Print: 2018-11-08

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