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Note sur la réception du Testament d’Abrahamdans la tradition arabo-islamique

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From the journal Der Islam


This brief note aims at contributing to the study of the reception of parabiblical narratives in hadith literature and Islamic historiography. Taking the Testament of Abraham as a case study, it sets out to analyse a particular literary motif shared by this text and an early version of the miʿrāǧ (Ascension) of the Prophet Muhammad. The comparative analysis demonstrates that the Testament of Abraham could have provided a number of elements for the redaction of at least one particular section of the miʿrāǧ. This hypothesis finds support in other cases of textual correspondence between several sections of the Testament of Abraham and other Islamic works such as the Tafsīr of Muqātil ibn Sulaymān (d. 150/767), the unedited Kitāb Mubtadaʾ al-dunyā wa-qiṣaṣ al-anbiyāʾ of Abū Ḥuḏayfa al-Buḫārī Isḥāq ibn Bišr (d. 206/821) and Ibn ʿAsākir’s Taʾrīḫ madīnat Dimašq (d. 571/1176). The examined material thus throws additional light on the continuity between late antique apocrypha and nascent Arabic literature.

Article note

Je tiens à exprimer ma gratitude envers Hachem Foda (Inalco, Paris) d’avoir relu avec attention mes traductions. Je remercie également Sergey Minov (Oxford) pour ses conseils bibliographiques, ainsi que Nora Schmid (Oxford) et Guillaume Dye pour leurs suggestions.

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