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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg January 30, 2015

Visual analytics for video applications

Pattreeya Tanisaro, Julius Schöning, Kuno Kurzhals, Gunther Heidemann and Daniel Weiskopf


In this article, we describe the concept of video visual analytics with a special focus on the reasoning process in the sensemaking loop. To illustrate this concept with real application scenarios, two visual analytics (VA) tools are discussed in detail that cover the sensemaking process: (i) for video surveillance, and (ii) for eye-tracking data analysis. Surveillance data (i) allow discussion of key VA topics such as browsing and playback, situational awareness, and the deduction of reasoning. Using example (ii) – eye tracking data from persons watching video – we review application features such as the spatio-temporal visualization along with clustering, and identification of attentional synchrony between participants. We examine how these features can support the VA process. Based on this, open challenges in video VA will be discussed.

Received: 2014-7-18
Revised: 2014-11-3
Accepted: 2014-12-5
Published Online: 2015-1-30
Published in Print: 2015-2-28

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