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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 12, 2021

The effects of foot massage on hemodialysis patients’ sleep quality and restless leg syndrome: a comparison of lavender and sweet orange essential oil topical application

Khodayar Oshvandi, Fariba Mirzajani Letomi, Ali Reza Soltanian and Morteza Shamsizadeh



Hemodialysis (HD) patients suffer more sleep problems (poor sleep quality and restless leg syndrome [RLS]). Complementary therapy, especially massage with aromatherapy oil is one of the non-pharmacological treatment options with less adverse effects than routine methods. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of foot massage with of lavender and orange essential oil on HD patients’ sleep quality and RLS.


This is a double blind randomized controlled trial on 105 HD patients was conducted at a large educational hospital in Iran, Hamadan province between January and September 2017. Patients divided into three groups with random allocation (35 participants per groups in lavender, orange, and control group). Foot massage during HD with lavender and orange essential oil was administered to the patients three times a week for three weeks, and every massage lasted half an hour. The control group received routine care. Before the intervention, the end of the first, second, and third weeks Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and RLS questionnaire were completed for all three groups. Data were statistically analyzed with Independent Samples t-test, chi-square test and repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) by SPSS version 16.


The mean score of sleep quality and RLS in the intervention groups were significantly different compare with the control group in all three time of data collecting (p<0 001).


Aromatherapy prepared with lavender oil and sweet orange may be recommended to increase sleep quality and RLS level of the HD patients.

Corresponding author: Morteza Shamsizadeh, Chronic Diseases (Home Care) Research Center, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran, E-mail:

Funding source: Hamadan University of Medical Sciences

Award Identifier / Grant number: 9606143744


The present paper was derived from a Master of Science (MSc) thesis in nursing. The author wishes to thank the nursing research center and the deputy of research and technology in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences and also wishes to acknowledge his gratitude to the faculty members of School Nursing and Midwifery, patients, supervisors and nurses of hemodialysis wards.

  1. Research funding: Hamadan University of Medical Sciences financially supported this study (grant number: 9606143744).

  2. Author contributions: All the authors have accepted responsibility for the entire content of this submitted manuscript and approved submission.

  3. Competing interests: No funding organizations played a role in the study design; in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; or in the decision to submit the report for publication.

  4. Ethical approval: Ethical approval for this study was obtained from the Committee of Ethics of the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran (#IR.UMSHA.REC.1396.315). This study was registered under the Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (#IRCT2017071532303N3) (available at


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