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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton February 17, 2015

English as an International lingua franca and the Teaching of Intercultural Communication

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Article note

The editors and publisher are grateful to Karlfried Knapp and Narr, who have given permission to reproduce the following article:

Knapp, Karlfried. 1987. English as an international lingua franca and the teaching of intercultural communication. In Wolfgang Lörscher, Rainer Schulze (eds.), Perspectives on language in performance. Studies in linguistics, literary criticism, and foreign language teaching to honour Werner Hüllen on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, 1022–1039. Tübingen: Narr.

As a general principle, the original formatting of the text (including minor typographic inaccuracies) has been maintained.

Published Online: 2015-2-17
Published in Print: 2015-3-1

©1987 by Karlfried Knapp

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