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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter January 21, 2015

On the embedding problem for generalized Baumslag–Solitar groups

  • Fedor A. Dudkin EMAIL logo
From the journal Journal of Group Theory


A finitely generated group G acting on a tree so that all vertex and edge stabilizers are infinite cyclic groups is called a generalized Baumslag–Solitar group (GBS group). Such an action is described by a labeled graph. One GBS group can be presented by many labeled graphs. We study the embedding problem for GBS groups: to determine algorithmically when two given labeled graphs 𝔸1 and 𝔸2 define GBS groups G1 and G2 such that G1 is embeddable into G2. We prove that if G1 can be presented by only a finite number of reduced labeled graphs, then the embedding problem is solvable. Moreover, we describe the algorithm in this situation.

Funding source: RFBR

Award Identifier / Grant number: 14-01-90013-Bel_a

The author is grateful to V. A. Churkin for valuable comments and advice.

Received: 2014-4-13
Revised: 2014-11-18
Published Online: 2015-1-21
Published in Print: 2015-7-1

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