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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter April 20, 2017

DaTo: an atlas of biological databases and tools

Qilin Li , Yincong Zhou , Yingmin Jiao , Zhao Zhang , Lin Bai , Li Tong , Xiong Yang , Björn Sommer , Ralf Hofestädt and Ming Chen EMAIL logo


This work presents DaTo, a semi-automatically generated world atlas of biological databases and tools. It extracts raw information from all PubMed articles which contain exact URLs in their abstract section, followed by a manual curation of the abstract and the URL accessibility. DaTo features a user-friendly query interface, providing extensible URL-related annotations, such as the status, the location and the country of the URL. A graphical interaction network browser has also been integrated into the DaTo web interface to facilitate exploration of the relationship between different tools and databases with respect to their ontology-based semantic similarity. Using DaTo, the geographical locations, the health statuses, as well as the journal associations were evaluated with respect to the historical development of bioinformatics tools and databases over the last 20 years. We hope it will inspire the biological community to gain a systematic insight into bioinformatics resources. DaTo is accessible via

Published Online: 2017-4-20
Published in Print: 2016-6-1

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