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Optimality of local multilevel methods on adaptively refined meshes for elliptic boundary value problems

X. Xu, H. Chen and R. H. W. Hoppe
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A local multilevel product algorithm and its additive version are analyzed for linear systems arising from the application of adaptive finite element methods to second order elliptic boundary value problems. The abstract Schwarz theory is applied to verify uniform convergence of local multilevel methods featuring Jacobi and Gauß–Seidel smoothing only on local nodes. By this abstract theory, convergence estimates can be further derived for the hierarchical basis multigrid method and the hierarchical basis preconditioning method on locally refined meshes, where local smoothing is performed only on new nodes. Numerical experiments confirm the optimality of the suggested algorithms.

Received: 2009-08-19
Revised: 2010-01-21
Published Online: 2010-04-21
Published in Print: 2010-April

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