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Higher order Galerkin time discretizations and fast multigrid solvers for the heat equation

S. Hussain, F. Schieweck and S. Turek
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We discuss numerical properties of continuous Galerkin–Petrov and discontinuous Galerkin time discretizations applied to the heat equation as a prototypical example for scalar parabolic partial differential equations. For the space discretization, we use biquadratic quadrilateral finite elements on general two-dimensional meshes. We discuss implementation aspects of the time discretization as well as efficient methods for solving the resulting block systems. Here, we compare a preconditioned BiCGStab solver as a Krylov space method with an adapted geometrical multigrid solver. Only the convergence of the multigrid method is almost independent of the mesh size and the time step leading to an efficient solution process. By means of numerical experiments we compare the different time discretizations with respect to accuracy and computational costs.

Received: 2010-11-30
Published Online: 2011-05-27
Published in Print: 2011-May

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